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This practical 6-week course is suitable for those interested in applying data science to solve business problems. We will not only teach you fundamental knowledge and skills but we will also take a look at how they are applied by professionals to build real end-to-end data science solutions. In this course, you will learn about the RM4E analytical workflow, which guides the problem solving process. You will also encounter various cases where you will learn how different approaches may be adopted to solve industry problems.


20 hr+ training workload  
 6 modules and 10 lessons  
 2 industrial real cases  
 2 hands-on projects

Who Should Take

Beginners who want to have a comprehensive understanding of the data science industry and data science analysis

Professionals who are interested in research workflows to increase the reproducibility of data science projects

Overall Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate knowledge of research methodologies such as RM4E analytic workflows and ResearchMap.

Identify relevant datasets, collect, manipulate, transform, and clean data.

Formulate a business problem as a hypothesis question, use methodologies in the execution of the analytics cycle, and communicate results translating insight into business value.

Use methodologies in the execution of the analytics cycle

Communicate results translating insight into business value

Curriculum Modules

  • RM4Es introduction
  • Data sources and data preparation
  • Researchmap and reproducible research
  • Turning business problems to data science problems
  • Building models with data
  • Explaining results and executing insights