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This five-week course is suitable for those interested in developing an understanding of business analytics that can be used to support decision-making. Learners will have the opportunity to work on Facebook Ads datasets to increase the company’s ROI. Throughout this course, learners will understand how to use newly-acquired quantitative and business communication skills to derive business insights for complex analytic problems in real-world settings.


Interactive learning: Participants will be provided small, in-class assignments and after-class assignments to practice their skills and apply their knowledge to problem solving

The combination of business acumen and technical training: Python facilitation will be included in each session for participants to acquire the programming skills through solving a real-business problem

Understanding the benefits of data analytics in business with real-world cases

Gaining knowledge and skills to analyse business problems using quantitative techniques (e.g. descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analyses)

Gaining insights from data analytics and make informed business decisions to address business challenges

Communicating business insights through data visualization techniques in a clear and meaningful manner

Cultivating the strategic thinking and planning process in business

Who Should Take

Beginners who are interested in learning business analytical knowledge and Python programming skills

Marketing professionals who want to utilize data science to foster their career development

Overall Learning Outcomes

Students will gain an understanding of the basics in business analytics and big data concepts.

Students will be able to use programming languages and software packages to perform statistical analysis based on real-world datasets.

Students will apply business analytics to support decision-making for business and marketing challenges.

Curriculum Modules

  • Week 1: Capstone Project Topic-The Problem Measuring Facebook Advertising ROI
  • Week 2: Defining the Problem
  • Week 3: Your Strategy
  • Week 4: Solution
  • Week 5: Next Steps/Conclusion