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Available Courses

Monthly Data Science Training Webinars: Workflow-based Data Analysis

Co-sponsored by the Center for Geographic Analysis of Harvard University, RMDS Lab, Future Data Lab, and China Data Institute, the workflow-based data analysis project aims to provide a new approach for efficient data analysis and replicable, reproducible, and expandable research. Learn more

CDI Training Webinars on Research Data: Sources, Tools, and Applications

This webinar series will introduce some research data with a focus on China and discuss the difference from the US data. Each webinar will cover the following topics: (1) data sources, data collection, data category, definition, description, and interpretation; (2) alternative data and derivable data from other data sources especially some big data sources; (3) comparison of data difference between the US and China; (4) available tools for efficient data analysis; (5) discussions on pros and cons; and (6) data applications in research and teaching. Learn more