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This four-week course will cover a complete workflow of data collection, feature extraction, machine learning model building, validation, prediction, and evaluation of hurricane forecast models. It will provide hands-on training in processing satellite data and organizing data for operational hurricane forecasting. The instructor will introduce methods for feature extraction and data dimensionality reduction and multiple machine learning techniques.


Understand the workflow of building predictive models using machine learning  
 Hands-on experience with spatiotemporal varying satellite data  
 Create a predictive model that has tremendous socioeconomic impacts  

Who Should Take

Beginner and intermediate software developers, research fellows, students in data science and machine learning

Overall Learning Outcomes

A web-based real-time forecasting system

Knowledge of operational hurricane intensity forecast modelling

Exposure to the workflow of building predictive models using machine learning

Hands-on experience with spatiotemporal varying satellite data

Real-world impacts on improving hurricane forecasting and benefiting society

Curriculum Modules

  • Week 1: Data Collection and Feature Extraction
  • Week 2: Machine Learning Algorithms and Model Building
  • Week 3: Implementation and Solution Creation
  • Turning business problems to data science problems
  • Week 4: Innovative Techniques and Methods